All facilities storing or using hazardous materials and chemicals in reportable quantities are required by law to submit an annual TIER II report by March 1st.

EPA TIER II Reporting Requirements
In the State of Maine, it is a requirement that all TIER II reports be submitted online by March 1st of every year. Each facility must prepare a report using the free TIER II Submit™ reporting system software provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The contents of the report are determined by the type and quantity of each chemical. The reports are then sent to the State of Maine, the County Emergency Management Agency and the respective municipal fire department.


TIER II™ Reporting Software
To Download Tier II Reporting for Windows users 
To Download Tier II Reporting for Mac users

The EPA has provided a tutorial on using the software and can be accessed by clicking here. The Sagadahoc County Emergency Management Agency is available to provide technical assist to reporting facilities as needed. For assistance, please contact Sagadahoc County Emergency Management Agency Director Sarah Bennett at 207-443-8210 or by emailing sbennett@sagadahoccountyme.gov.