What is N.I.M.S.?

N.I.M.S., or the National Incident Management System, was created after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 to create a common framework for managing incidents across the United States. The four core components of N.I.M.S. are; Fundamentals and Concepts, Resource Management, Command and Coordination, and Communication and Information Management. The most widespread piece of N.I.M.S. is the Incident Command System or I.C.S. which is a flexible framework for incident command and management. Local, State, Tribal and Territories are required to formally adopt N.I.M.S. to receive Federal Preparedness Grants.
NIMS version 3 Cover

N.I.M.S. Compliance

In order to receive and continue to receive Federal Preparedness Grants organization most be in compliance with National Incident Management System Directives. The 3 general implementation objectives for Local, State, tribal and Territories and what they look like are as follows.

                Implementation Objectives                                        Indicators
Adopt the National Incident Management System throughout the jurisdiction or organization to prevent, protect against, mitigative, respond to and recover from incidents. A current and valid legal authority indicating that N.I.M.S. is the system of choice for the jurisdiction or organization.
Designate and maintain a point of contact (POC) to serve as the principal coordinator for the implementation of N.I.M.S. Stakeholder notification including contact information for a current NIMS point of contact responsible for the overall coordination and development of NIMS related activities and documents for the jurisdiction.
Ensure that incident personnel receive pertinent NIMS training in alignment with the N.I.M.S. Training Program. Official training guidance that specifies:
  • Which training courses incident personnel must take;
  • How long they have to complete the training after they join the jurisdiction or organization; and 
  • Frequency of refresher training

What Does This Mean?
In the State of Maine it is a requirement for almost all personnel that could be involved in incident preparedness, response and recovery. This template shows the most current requirements for personnel in the State. Some of these training's can be found online while some of them must be taught in a classroom setting.