Local Emergency Management Directors
By state law, each municipality is required to have an Emergency Management Director. These men and women coordinate local response and recovery when more than one department is responding to a community emergency. The Local Director does not replace or direct the police, fire, ambulance, or American Red Cross; he or she helps them work together in an emergency and acts as a liaison with the County Emergency Management Agency. You can contact your municipalities Local Director using the information listed below.

Arrowsic  Brian Carlton  lemo@arrowsic.org  
Bath Chief Lawrence Renaud  lrenaud@cityofbath.com  207-443-5034
Bowdoin  Chief Tom Garrepy   tgarrepy@gmail.com   207-319-8822
Bowdoinham  Dave Lewis    207-666-5531
Georgetown  Jerome Gamache    
Phippsburg  Gary Morong   gmorong@comcast.net  207-389-2653
Richmond  Adam Garland  townmanager@richmondmaine.com  207-737-4305
Topsham  Deputy Chief Mike Labbe   mlabbe@topshammaine.com  207-725-1729
West Bath  Chief Jon Beane     207-449-2669
Woolwich  EMS Chief Brian Carlton   woolwichema@gmail.com  207-443-3589 ext 109