Do you know how to be prepared for a Novel Pandemic? 
Click Novel Pandemic Preparedness! to go to to learn ways you can be prepared for a novel pandemic!

Make a plan to Shelter in Place during a Pandemic!

Is it a cold or a flu??? Let's find out!!!
Is it a cold or flu?

Not all Flus are Pandemic Flus!
Do you know the difference?
To learn more, check out the image below!
Is the Seasonal Flu or Pandemic Flu?

Do you know the three ways you can help yourself and others fight the flu?
3 actions to fight flu
Learn from the CDC how to treat infuenza!
Fight Flu Don't Let it Stop you CDC graphic

Click the picture and learn from the CDC how to make a plan for your household to be ready for a pandemic flu!
Household Pandemic Flu Plan

Wash your hands!
5 Ways to prevent the flu

How to Wash Your Hand Tips from the CDC!
Wash Your Hands

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