Hazard Mitigation is the sustained pre-disaster actions taken to prevent or reduce damage to life, property and the environment during a natural disaster event. These actions aim to improve the resiliency of each community. Actions can be as simple as ditching a road or as complex as changing local ordinances.

Hazard mitigation plans are created by representatives from local, county and state governments. The plans are reviewed and projects are re-assessed every five years. With all levels collaborating to develop the plan, each municipality that participates is eligible for pre-disaster hazard mitigation funding which is disbursed by the State from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 

The National Institute of Building Science has found that for every one dollar spent on mitigation actions, up to six dollars is saved in future costs. All hazard mitigation projects are designed with this in mind and aim to reduce the impact of future disasters.

Sagadahoc County Hazard Mitigation Planning
The Sagadahoc County Hazard Mitigation Plan is a multi-jurisdictional plan, encompassing all municipalities located in Sagadahoc County. Adoption of the Plan by each participating municipality is a prerequisite for a variety of federally funded programs. This plan is a "living document". If you would like further information please direct questions and comments to Sagadahoc County Emergency Management Agency at SCEMA or call 207-443-8210.

Sagadahoc County Hazard Mitigation Plan - 2021 Update 
To view the Sagadahoc County Hazard Mitigation Plan – 2021 Update, please click the individual sections listed below. This Plan has been approved by FEMA, pending all formal municipal adoptions are completed within one year. The adoptions process is well underway. Section 2 will be updated once all adoptions have been submitted.
Cover and Contents
Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Adoption 
Section 3 - Planning Process
Section 4 - Risk
Section 5 - Mitigation Strategies
Section 6 - Maintenance
Climate Change Annex

Sagadahoc County Hazard Mitigation Plan – 2016 Update
The Sagadahoc County Hazard Mitigation Plan – 2016 Update, formally adopted in 2017, can be viewed here.

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