The Sagadahoc County Transportation Unit is responsible for the transportation of all inmates remanded to the custody of the Sheriff. The Unit is staffed by four uniformed Deputies. The Unit is deployed as three transport deputies and one programs Deputy. Transport deputies are at a minimum certified as reserve deputies, licensed and trained to standards set forth by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and they are armed with a sidearm. The Team transports prisoners to and from court in Sagadahoc County, Two Bridges Jail in Lincoln County and other transports as needed, from any other county within the State of Maine. In addition to transportation, deputies are responsible for the custody, control and security of prisoners while in court and during actual transportations. Deputies of the unit transport inmates to and from medical appointments, deathbed visits and funerals. Emergency transports to hospitals, including those in which an ambulance is the transport vehicle, are conducted under the authority and supervision of a transport team. In addition to transport responsibilities, members of the unit conduct bail checks, home release monitoring, community service programs and are detailed to other duties as required. Sagadahoc County & Lincoln County share jail services and responsibilities. Both counties entered into a combined jail agreement, which was enacted into law in 2003. Shortly thereafter we built a new facility, Two Bridges Regional Jail, which is located in Wiscasset at 522 Bath Road Wiscasset, Maine 04578.

Sagadahoc County Transport

Deputy Jeff Shiers
Deputy Michael Lathrop
Deputy Jerry Julian
Deputy Robert Mayer

Two Bridges Regional Jail