Upcoming Laredo/Tapestry Webinars
Wednesday February 10th – 10:00 am
Thursday February 11th – 2:00 pm

Searching with Laredo v8 Desktop, Laredo Anywhere, and Tapestry Webinars

These webinars cover the basics of searching with Laredo and Tapestry while also highlighting the new features in the latest version of Laredo. By attending, both new users and experienced users will learn how to effectively search county land records with some helpful tips and tricks. The webinars are hosted on the second and third Thursday of each month and start at 10 AM (CST). Each webinar lasts about 45 minutes.

Deeds-xMission Statement:

The mission of the Sagadahoc County Registry of Deeds is to record all documents promptly and efficiently, preserving them for the future, and provide reliable access to these records, assisting the public in research efforts and serving with responsive professionalism.

Property Fraud Alert:

Please sign up for Property Fraud Alert at www.propertyfraudalert.com

You will be notified by either phone or email of every document recorded under the name you sign up with.
This will alert you immediately and you will be able to go to our PUBLIC SEARCH link and verify that the recording
is legitimate.  There is a lot of fraud out there and this is one way to help protect your home and be aware.

Hours of Operation:

8:00 AM- 4:00 PM, Monday thru Friday 
Due to Covid-19 the building will be locked and you will need to make an appointment to do research.
We have a locked drop-off box in the lobby for recordings available 24 hrs. 
All recordings stop at 3:30 PM

Contact us:

752 High Street
Bath ME  04530
Phone: (207) 443-8214


Registrar of Deeds
Lynn C. Moore


Deputy Registrar
Cheryl Oliver


Senior Clerk
Lynn Green