Severe Winter Storms!

Severe winter weather conditions are typically characterized by low temperatures, strong winds, and large quantities of snow. Possible types of winter storms in Maine include:

  • Blizzards: Sustained winds or frequent gusts of thirty five miles per hour; falling or blowing snow with visibility less than a quarter mile for greater than three hours.

  • Ice storms: Rain that freezes upon impact; ice coating at least one-half inch in thickness and is heavy enough to damage trees, overhead wires, and similar objects, and produce widespread power outages.

  • Sleet storms: One half inch or more of frozen rain drops (ice pellets) which bounce when hitting the ground.

  • Snow Storms: Seven inches or more within twelve hours OR ten inches or more within twenty four hours.

The entire State is vulnerable to severe winter storms every winter. During winter months, Maine often has heavy snowfall, or snow combined with high winds, freezing rain or ice storms. The snowfall season usually runs from late October (in the north) or November (most of the rest of the State) to April and sometimes into May. Total seasonal snowfall ranges between 50 and 80 inches on the coast, between 60 to 90 inches in the southern part of the state and 90 to 110-plus inches in the north. Coastal areas are also susceptible to tide surges and flooding when high winds accompany coastal storms.
(Maine Emergency Management Agency, n.d.)

Visit Maine Emergency Management Agency's Winter Safety pages to learn how to navigate and prepare for winter!
Removing snow from roofs
Car preparedness bags
Stranded in Vehicle
Preventing Hypothermia
Wood burning and lung health

The National Weather Service Forecast Office Gray/Portland Maine is a reliable source to get updated and current weather information from.
Click here to visit their winter safety page.

Winter precipitation picture

What to do when a watch or a warning is forecasted:
SCEMA Winter Chill Watch.Warning - Copy (2)

Learn the terminology before the storm!
SCEMA Winter Weather Terms - Copy

Watch how you can prepare for a winter storm!

Do you know how to stay safe during severe winter weather? Be sure to visit the CDC website to learn more!
Staying safe during and after a winter storm
Prevent hypothermia and frostbite
Avoid, spot, treat frostbite

Be prepared if you are stuck on the road during a winter storm!

FEMA would like to help you learn to prepare for winter travel, check out the video below.

Visit  American Red Cross Logo for more winter preparedness information! has put together a Winter Weather resource page.


Check out FEMA's video on what to do during a blizzard.

Winter Weather Listen

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