Did you know landslides can happen in Maine?
Yes! Landslides can happen in Maine and there are steps you can take to be prepared.

Go to maine.gov to learn about coastal landslides.
To learn more about Maine's Geological Survey for landslides, click here and be sure to check out their publication here!

Did you know? Check out the graphic below and the FEMA website for more information.

SCEMA Landslide did you know May

FEMA has a preparedness disaster sheet here which can help you learn about landslides and to be prepared.


Have you taken the time to make a plan for your pets if there is a landslide? FEMA shows you how here!

What causes a landslide? What are the health risks for everyone? What areas are at risk? The CDC has the answers for you!

Landslide Terminology is easy to learn!
SCEMA Landslide

The Be Red Cross Ready Landslide Safety Checklist has some great tips!
The Red Cross also has information on how to be safe before, during and after a landslide. Click here to learn more!

Space study and science can help us learn more about landslides. Visit NASA's site to see how.

The National Geographic's video about landslides shows how devastating and dangerous a landslide can be.

The USGS has answers to FAQ's about landslides.

The NFPA would like you to be ready in case of a landslide!

The American Public Health Association would like you to be ready for a landslide!

Kids can learn about landslides as well!

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