The Local Emergency Planning Committee (L.E.P.C.) is made up of community members including First Responder's, Law Enforcement Officers, Emergency Management Personnel, Facilities respresentives and much more. The goal of the L.E.P.C. is to increase awareness and preparedness to hazourdous materials in the community. Created by the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act of 1986, the L.E.P.C. of each County provides support in several ways:

  • Recieving, reviewing and processing Tier II chemical reports submitted by local facilities
  • Providing planning support to local facilities
  • Coordinating and hosting trainings for First responders and facility representitives
  • Attending public safety events to answer questions and provide resources
The L.E.P.C. is an advisory only organization and reports to the State Emergency Response Commission or the S.E.R.C. In Maine the S.E.R.C. is part of the Maine Emergency Management Agency and is the enforcing body of Tier II reporting. More Information about the S.E.R.C. can be found here.

The L.E.P.C. is made up a wide range of community members that form a voting body such as:

  • Emergency Management Officials
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire & EMS Responders
  • Department of Environmental Protection
  • Facility Employees and Owners
  • Community Members
Meetings are public and any interested community members are welcome!

October 11th HAZMAT Incident in Woolwich