If you are with a Fire/EMS department, non-profit group or another community group please contact Director Sarah Bennett to request Personal Protective Equipment and fit-testing.

Personal Protective Equipment 
There are many good resources through NIOSH on creating a respiratory protection program as well as information on fit-testing and various types of respirators.
National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory

In order to comply with OSHA regulation those that are to be fit-tested must have go through a Respiratory Evaluation. There are several places in the Sagadahoc County area that can assist with this.
Occupational Health Associates - 270 State Rd., West Bath
Concentra - 11 Medical Center Dr., Brunswick

Following the Respiratory Evaluation the organization needs to have a respiratory protection plan in place and practiced.
OSHA provides several templates to assist organizations in forming and implementing protection programs. 
Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Respiratory Protection Program