Financial Preparedness!
Having your paperwork in order is part of the financial preparedness planning!

Paperwork includes any important documents and personal data that might serve as proof of insurance or identity, or instruct others on how to help you in an emergency. Collect and protect insurance cards, personal identification, and emergency action plans to prepare for an evacuation.

The Basics 
  • Copies of insurance cards and medical records, such as:
    • Health insurance card
    • Immunization and vaccination records 
  • Vital Records, including birth certificates and death certificates
  • Personal identification, such as:
    • Passports
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    • Driver’s license
    • Social Security Cards
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    • Copies of current personal care plans, such as
      • Advance directives (e.g., behavioral healthexternal icon, living wills and power of attorney forms)
      • Asthma action plan
      • Food allergy and anaphylaxis care plan
      • Complete care plan
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      • Cancer survivorship care plan
      • Emergency care plan for children with special health care needs
    • Cash in small denominations and coins in case ATMs and pay-at-the-pump gasoline systems are out of order (CDC, September 28, 2021)
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How can you be prepared for a financial emergency?
Financial Emergency Sheet

Financial Emergency Sheet page 2

Visit for financial preparedness tips!

Visit MEMA to learn about financial disaster planning!

Visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to learn what you should do after a disaster to protect your finances and property.

Click here to learn how to protect your finances by keeping an eye on your credit, avoiding fraud and scams and being aware of charity scams. 

Take the time to prepare your financial documents and information!
 rainy day fund

Life Saving Financial Skills

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